From Caregiver to Patient – A Positive Attitude and a Family’s Winding Road

Pete is the epitome of an eternal optimist. That quality has helped him through what for many would have been an emotionally devastating road over the past eight years that saw his wife diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer only months after he was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS).

Defeating the Odds – Six Years and Counting

When Ralph went to his primary care physician in Connecticut for a routine physical in late December 2014, he had no worrisome symptoms of any kind. Slight occasional fatigue for an active and athletic 70-year-old was something he told himself was likely “one of the joys of turning 70.” A phone call the next day about his lab results following his routine doctor’s visit would tell a different story.

From MDS to sAML – One Patient’s Search for the Right Fit

When lab work from Gary’s annual physical in November 2017 revealed a red blood cell count that was “a bit off” according to his doctor, a second blood sample was taken. Gary was told he was likely anemic and low on vitamin B12. He was then referred to a hematologist.