Different Types of sAML
What are the different subtypes of secondary AML?
Dr. Rami Komrokji

Therapy-related AML refers to acute myeloid leukemia that arises in the setting of prior exposure to either chemotherapy, radiation therapy or immunosuppressive therapy.1,5 The timing between the exposure and the development of AML could be varying from a year or two, to 10 to 15 years later on.6-9

AML-MRC is a term we use to describe AML that arises in the setting of prior history of hematological diseases, such as MDS or MDS/MPN, or if the pathologists are seeing changes under the microscope consistent with MDS, what we call dysplastic changes, or if the patients have certain cytogenetic or chromosome makeup of the cells that will tell us that this originally came from MDS.1,5

It is very important to identify whether patients have secondary AML because treatment strategy is tailored accordingly.